Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Online Watch Manny Pacquiao Vs Timothy Bradley

Watch Manny Pacquiao Vs Timothy Bradley For free via Justin.TV.And good that JustinTV has embedding options that is something to take advantage of and that is what I pasted here, right on my blog.So what are you waiting for -click that play button.And watch the battle of the east and the west -online for free!!! It's live. Pacman or Hitman? That's the ultimate question!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pacquiao & Kobe Bryant Advertisement

Manila Bulletin -Barring any last-minute change in schedule, boxing's pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao is making a whirlwind visit to Los Angeles to shoot a pictorial with basketball icon Kobe Bryant on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila).

Pacquiao and Bryant are under contract with Nike and both are the main endorsers in their chosen fields of the highly-successful Oregon-based sports apparel company.

Pacquiao's lawyer, Franklin Gacal, said they are booked to leave tonight via Philippine Airlines. Joining them are Pacquiao's business manager Eric Pineda and an executive of Nike Philippines.

"It's going to be a one-day shoot in Los Angeles and Manny and I are returning (to Manila) the next day," said Gacal, citing that Pacquiao has a lot of commitments to fulfill in the country.

As to how much Pacquiao is getting for the one-day gig with Kobe is a closely-guarded secret and Gacal politely declines to give even a ballpark figure.

"Satisfactory" was how Gacal described the pact between Pacquiao and Nike.

Pacquiao has done a few print ads for Nike Philippines but this latest project will be the second time the Filipino puncher is embarking on a deal for a much wider audience release.

Pacquiao had appeared in a commercial last year featuring Bryant and other top Nike endorses like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova of tennis, Cristiano Ronaldo of soccer and Liu Xiang of track and field.

Pacquiao's brief stay in the US might enable him as well to look at the proposal concerning his planned Nov. 14 bout with Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico.

Mike Koncz, Pacquiao's Canadian adviser, has the documents in hand and he is keenly awaiting the arrival of the boxer in La-La Land.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Will Pacquiao Vs Bradley Ever Happen?

Everyone's asking if the Pacquiao vs Bradley will ever happen? Well I think it's really inevitable. In fact, there's lots of supported facts about the Manny pacquiao vs Bradley combat in the internet that the two boxers will likely fight on the boxing arena this year. But this rumors or alleged facts are not verified yet. We all know that Timothy Bradley have a upcoming combat this arriving Nov 12, 2012. Authorities of Top Position verified the deciding upon of Bradley who will create his first overall look appearance in the undercard of Manny pacquiao vs Marquez against Fran Casamayor. Although when fighters indication new agreements, there are no guarantees as to who will become their opponent. Very well, I can see Bradley deciding upon with Arum just because it will provide him a fantastic possibility of battling Manny pacquiao later on. Timothy Bradley (who boasts 26-0 with 11 knockouts) has never been beaten. I think this will be a excellent match-up for Manny pacquiao if ever this bout will commence.

Assuming Manny pacquiao failures Marquez on Nov. 12, he’ll experience Timothy Bradley Jr. on May 5, 2012, at the MGM Huge Lawn Market in Las Nevada. His persistence is about to be paid. Arum has not been around to discuss with Manny pacquiao about battling Bradley. But there are not a lot of alternatives and Bradley would be a practical, and willing, in-house probability. Though it’s still a long long way until May 5, begin looking into routes. Blocking any significant problems on Nov. 12, Manny Pacquiao and Bradley are going in order to fulfill in Las Nevada on that evening. Bradley is too courageous for his own fantastic. I also observed him contact all the martial artists except Floyd which is unexpected since Floyd is the greatest sketch in punching according to him.

Tim successful against Abregu does not seems to demonstrate that he is prepared for the major. Abregu is a fixed focus on as opposed to all of the martial artists that he known as like Alexander, Khan and Manny pacquiao. The outcome of the martial artist he just beaten is way way below than what he can anticipate from Manny pacquiao. If that is the combat he want then maybe Bob Arum can do something provided that he can combat this arriving Nov, if not ,then it is possible that the combat he can get is with Floyd since HBO was referring to a possible go with up between him and Floyd. All of Manny pacquiao oppositions at the greater body weight category were difficult than Bradley, and all of them when they sensed the rate & difficult kickboxing energy by Manny pacquiao have put them into a protecting function. This will also be the same situation when you put Bradley in the band with Manny Pacquiao, to be in the protecting function and will just protect his experience with his safety gloves until he gets KO.