Sunday, January 1, 2012

About Pacquiao Bradley Fight

This Manny pacquiao vs Bradley web page is devoted to offering the newest information and up-dates on the approaching punching go with between Philippine Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley of North america of America. Manny pacquiao vs Bradley is a tournament go with, organised on May 9, 2012 at the MGM Huge Market in Las Nevada, The state of las vegas, U. s. Declares of North america of america, is going to be another night to remember.

Undefeated Tim Bradley will do everything to beat the ruling and protecting Manny  pacquiao. The two pugilists will negotiate the ranking in the 147 lbs weight category. Jimmy last battled Fran Casamayor in the undercard of Pacquiao's fight against Juan Brother Marquez. Bradley amazingly won via TKO (Technical Knockout). Subtracted 1 pt for positioning rd 4, Casamayor dropped on the canvass units 5, 6 and 8. In the 9th circular, umpire Vic Drakulich has seen enough and ceased the boxing match.

Manny pacquiao most latest punching go with was his third boxing fight against the Spanish punching tale. Manny won via single decision in a fight were many considered Juan Marquez won. Referee Tony morrison Several weeks did his job well but he was not able to see the how Marquez stomped the feet of Pacman several times. Even though that ring match was for the WBO Welteweight Buckle, the same belt Manny pacquiao will protect compared to Bradley, Manny decided to Marquez's catchweight of 144 lbs.

In the future Manny pacquiao vs Bradley fight this May, punching lovers and experts are anticipating a good and fresh combat. Manny is the audience preferred but Jimmy has a large fan platform in North america of america too. Manny pacquiao vs Bradley is going to be a large occurrence in the game of punching. Top Position Special offers, going by Bob Arum, considers the fight can see over a thousand pay-per-view purchases because of the large name of Manny pacquiao and the unbeaten history of Timothy Bradley.

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