Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pacquiao-Bradley Fight Pay-per-View Locations in GenSan

On Weekend day, May 10, 2012, the whole nation will again be at a halt as this is time when Manny pacquiao protects his Globe Welterweight Name against United states Timothy Bradley.

This is one of Pacman’s most-awaited battles ever since his “unconvincing” success over his last session against Juan Miguel Marquez this year.  Aside from that, this will also be his first venture into the punching band after becoming a restored and bible-bearing Religious.

These create the Pacquiao-Bradley combat very very exciting and if you have the cash, you can select to look at it LIVE at any of the businesses providing it on Pay-Per-View in Common Santos City!

Now all you have to do is head to ROBINSONS MOVIEWORLD! And you're all set to watch. :-)

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