Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pacquiao Wants to be the ULTIMATE BOXING LEGEND!

Manny pacquiao wants to be recalled as boxing’s ‘all-time great’? Few more decades from now whether we like it or not Manny Pacquiao will stop working from punching. And that is why, Manny pacquiao desires punching lovers will keep in mind his band uses for many decades to come. Manny pacquiao said, he desires that his tale would motivate individuals the way he was motivated by punching best that came before him. “To be considered an all-time great is very important to me,” Pacquiao said. “Hopefully my story can inspire people to achieve their dreams. When I was growing up, watching Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr, and Larry Holmes fight inspired me to work harder and to become better. They still do inspire me. They were great. They were my heroes.” “I never dreamed that I would achieve as much as I have. I wouldn’t even dare to dream of winning world titles in eight different weight divisions. My goal when I began boxing was to earn enough money for my family to make their lives easier and to win a world title – to be considered the best in my weight division. But as opportunities presented themselves – world title fights at higher weights against superstars – I worked harder and studied harder.” “Every victory was an incentive to do better in my next fight. I believe it is the responsibility of every boxer to put on a good show for the fans and themselves. It’s the only way to grow and invest in the sport. Making boxing fans happy is a legacy that would make me proud.“ “Hopefully my tale can motivate individuals to accomplish their ambitions. When I was increasing up, viewing Glucose Ray Leonard, Roy Jackson Jr, and Ray Holmes combat motivated me to keep working more complicated and to become better. They still do motivate me. They were excellent. They were my characters.” “Will the fight ever happen? It’s up to Floyd. I hope it does. I’m a competitor and I enjoy a challenge… As long as I continue fighting I will remain hopeful that the fight will take place,” Pacquiao added. This is why he continues to be optimistic that he would still be able to combat one of his biggest competitors, the questionable Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, he said that creating the combat occur would only rely on Mayweather. “Will the combat ever happen? It’s up to Floyd. I wish it does. I’m a opponent and I appreciate a challenge… Provided that I proceed battling I will stay optimistic that the combat will take position,” Manny pacquiao included. Pacquiao said he believed he could create the desire combat come real three decades ago, when his camping first discussed with Mayweather’s team. He said Mayweather decided to everything they requested for. But the questionable fighter instantly came up with the medication examining problem, which has become Mayweather’s “excuse” through the decades. “He no longer wants to split the pay-per-view revenue with me equally, something he agreed to in our first negotiation,” said Pacquiao. “The only thing preventing a fight between Floyd Mayweather and me is Floyd Mayweather.”

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