Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why Pacquiao Lost to Bradley?

Timothy Bradley was right. He's gonna shock everyone of us. And he really did made sure of that by buying the decision of the judges. Not that I have any proof of that but it seems that what's happened. If Manny Pacquiao really lost, I would have no problem.. but he clearly won.

I'm not a boxing pro but I was taught how to do the Math since gradeschool and how dare them say that Pacquiao Got Lost over Bradley? Can you please explain this kind of sports sorcery? Did I miscalculate Pacquiao's hit, punches and the hell can you please explain this now. .

Manny Pacquiao lost over Timothy Bradley via Split Decision?? What the hell is that.
A new welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, still undefeated american boxer. The three judges scored 115 - 113 Pacquiao, 115-113 for Bradley and 115-113 for Bradley that made him a new Welterweight champion.

 It was cooked. . that in fact, Bradley, he who won was overcooked.

I can now proclaim that boxing is officialy dead. Rematch? I will always be with truth and Manny is the truth. How can this possibly be? WHAT THE FUCKING HELL JUDGES.

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