Saturday, June 9, 2012

Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley - Latest News and Updates, Boxing Videos, Live Streaming, Pictures

Live Blogging Updates:

11:58 PM - Philippine Time:

  • Kirby Asunto singing the Philippine National Anthem.

12:00 PM - Philippine Time:

  • Jessica Sanchez Singing the Nat'l Anthem of America
12:04 - Philippine Time:
  • Bradley is now on the ring!
  • Bradley is an competitive and motivated martial artist, but thus far in his profession, not a highly effective one. He has only 12 knockouts in his 28 benefits, though whether preferred or underdog he has a popularity for continually arriving ahead and trying to difficult up his opposition.
12:08 - Philippine Time:
  • Here comes boxing third world emperor, Manny Pacquiao.
  • "I want to Make People Happy!"
  • Pacquiao is wearing the NIKE PACQUIAO JACKET!
12:09 - Philippine Time:
  • Crowd are cheering for Manny Pacquiao!
12:11 - Philippine Time
  • Opening of the Main Event!
  • The Fight is Sponsored by SMART Philippines.
  • Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
  • Buffer introduces Bradley and now Pacquiao, who now has a bit of sweat on his face.

We got cemented on our seat the whole fight. LOL

So Bradley won!

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