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Who Will Win? | Pacquiao Vs Bradley Fight Predictions (Updated)

Who will Win the Manny Pacquiao Vs Timothy Bradley Fight. Let's take a look on what these few chosen professional, non-professional boxing analyst and maybe some fortunetellers would have to say or can predict about the upcoming fight.

One of the most explored key terms and phrases online these days, after the formal statement of the Manny Manny pacquiao compared to Jimmy Bradley session, is the “Pacquiao vs Bradley Predictions“. Prediction indicates the act of predicting (as by thinking about the future). Expectation, forecasting, foretelling, prevision and prognostication are terms that have a identical significance to prediction.

Timothy Bradley is young, fast and undefeated, but he's got no shot against the legendary Manny Pacquiao. Bradley's 28-0 record (with one no contest) is certainly impressive, but if you combined the talents of every fighter he's faced, it still wouldn't equal the pure boxing skill that resides in the mind and body of Pacquiao. - Austin Green team on the other hand, published their predictions on their website. Below are the highlights and predictions that caught our attention.
"Not sure whether it's the unusually high amount of concerning chatter coming from the Pacquiao camp, or, the light in which Timothy Bradley is being presented each week on "24/7," but this fight doesn't feeel as much of a lock for Manny as I had originally thought.  Consider me another casualty of the HBO marketing giant.  I do, however, still believe that Pacquiao will win the fight, despite Bradley's best efforts.  But, this time around I'm not getting the feeling that Manny will enter the ring as the overwhelming psychological favorite.  Bradley does not seem intimidated at all by Manny, and Manny doesn't have the look of a focused and primed warrior.  I'm going to hedge and say that Pacquiao wins this one by split decision, looking better than his win over Marquez, but not quite as dominant as days past." - Frank Ingiosi 
"Manny Pacquaio, even if he may be past his prime, is still the faster and stronger fighter of the two. Manny’s hand speed, in addition to his phenomenal strength in both hands, will prove to be a big problem as Bradley comes forward, head first, with his swinging punches. Yes, Bradley has heart and will fight until he has nothing left, but we remember how easily he tumbled to the canvas in his fight with Kendall Holt and Manny will try to do the same. For Bradley to win, he will need to turn this fight into an ugly one. However, in my opinion, Manny will just be too quick for Bradley to handle and will take the fight within 8 rounds." - Edward Fu 
We also have gathered some comments from around the web stating their visions and predictions of the fight.

Here's one from Anthony Riccobono: 
Expect Bradley to give Pacquiao a good fight. He's never lost, and should be able to last 12 rounds with Pac-Man. Pacquiao showed signs that he might be slipping in his last fight, and Bradley might be able to use his energy to take advantage of that, unlike the older Marquez.
Pacquiao will give Bradley trouble with his quickness, though. He's shown an ability to rebound, even after a slow start. Bradley has a longer reach than his opponent, but Pacquiao's agility and savvy should combat any slight physical limitations.
It will be a good fight that goes the distance, but Pacquiao should come out on top.
Pacquiao OVER Bradley, by a majority decision 

And finally we quote here: (by Scott Christ quoting Mexican Boxer Juan Manuel Marquez) – “Even though Bradley is a great boxer, and he has skills, he needs the power. He (doesn’t) have that power. Pacquiao has the speed and Pacquiao has the power. The difference in this fight is power. The difference will be the power punches that Pacquiao has.”

To wrap it up here's a good video prediction of the Pacquiao Vs Bradley Fight:

If you have anything to add, please add your Manny pacquiao vs Bradley Predictions below so the globe will know that you see the boxing match diversely than any of the predictions mentioned above.

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