Saturday, June 9, 2012

Manny pacquiao vs Bradley Pictures

During a press conference, Pacquiao gave Bradley something to ponder. While he still has time. .

“Don’t take this fight simple, just do your best in the game.  Make yourself prepared on June 9th.”

Manny pacquiao vs Bradley Pictures:  So what are we to anticipate from the Manny pacquiao vs Bradley combat on May 9?

The two martial artists will experience each other for the Globe Punching Company welterweight top that Manny pacquiao is placing on the range.  And for sure he will not give Bradley.

To practice Manny pacquiao for this combat is Freddie Cockroach while Fran Diaz will be the one who will contact the sot for the unbeaten United states fighter.

The Pacquiao-Bradley combat came to lifestyle after the much-awaited session with Floyd Mayweather did not appear.  Reviews say that Floyd confident Manny pacquiao of a $40 thousand combat bag but will not provide the eight-division champ and martial artist of the several years any discuss or cut from the pay-per-view earnings.  Activities authors say that the PPV earnings could arrive at a history of more than $100 thousand in revenue should the combat appear.

The combat on May 9 is to be organised at the MGM Huge in Las The state of las vegas, The state of las vegas and will be shown go on pay-per-view.

The youthful United states Jimmy Bradley Jr. maintains the history of 28-0, 12 Kos; an unbeaten, youthful, competitive and of course, starving martial artist who wants to lastly put a quit to a boxing tale in Manny Manny pacquiao.

On the other side, the battling lawmaker from Saranggani Region is positioning the boxing history of 54-3-2, 38 Kos.

As of when, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Manny pacquiao are giving the second identify on Band Magazine’s pound-for-pound record of best martial artists expansion.  The top identify was considered unfilled as Mayweather did not display a great/spectacular efficiency against Miguel Cotto (whom Manny pacquiao TKOs) last May in Las The state of las vegas.  Manny pacquiao could get the top identify if he will display a major and amazing win against Bradley on May 9.

Coach Freddie Roach said that Bradley are affected the same destiny as Hatton who Manny pacquiao cold-bloodedly broken out in the second circular of their session.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Replay 

The session as has been said is going to be shown on HBO’s pay-per-view.

In the Malaysia it will also be shown live via satellite tv.  Movie theater, cafes, and many other businesses are going to air the combat live from The state of las vegas.  A late telecast will also be shown by GMA7 System, a regional tv network that associates with Manny pacquiao on the regional broadcasting of his combat.

Replay of Manny pacquiao vs Bradley will be shown by GMA7 during primetime.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Battle Photos/Pictures

Fight images and images are going to be published here as soon as they are created available after the combat.

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