Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bradley Wins Over Pacquiao Via Split Decision!

Here's a compilation of Comments, Thoughts, Opinions, Analysis, Rants and raves for the Manny Pacquiao Vs Bradley Fight from Netizens:

"Clearly boxing has become a joke and we continue to let these horrible judges score fights I along with everyone else will be boycotting boxing it's dead and became a disgrace tonight was a perfect example of it god bless manny pacquaio the true winner and champ and I say we don't allow boxing in Nevada either obviously it's nothing but corruption in Nevada." - Frank Dejesus

 "This is the worst decision in boxing history. The fight was fixed so that Bradley can retain his "perfect" record for a better shot at pound for pound king after Pacquiao retires. Pacquiao is the best fighter this sport has known, Pacquiao won the fight, and Bradley knows it. THIS DECISION IS AN OUTRAGE." - A. Hoffman

"Unfair decision! Pacquaio should have won the fight versus Bradley!I believe now that the institution of modified electronic scoring in boxing would be a huge step in the right direction. The current ten-point must system is an outdated and overly subjective method of scoring and must be significantly overhauled for the sake of the sport. The fighters deserve the fairest decisions possible under all circumstances, to do any less than that is to disrespect their hard work and dedication to the this great sport." - HR. Orpilla
"It's obvious Manny won the fight. However, there are 3 possible explanations on why the judges scored the way they did. 1) The fight was fixed and wanted to see a rematch to earn more money for the 2nd fight. 2) The judges were offended by Manny's behavior before the fight. He wanted to wait until after the Celtics vs Heat game was finished before he walked into the ring. However, he didn't even arrive in the dressing room when the game was over & made the judges wait an hour, which offended the judges. So the judges got back at him for this. 3) The judges saw the fight from a different angle where they didn't see the hard shots Pacquiao threw but saw the punches that Bradley landed. Whatever the reason, I don't think it was the right decision." - Basil Dumlao Jr.


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